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What Types of New Garage Door Openers are on the Market?

Automated garage doors have gained a lot of popularity due to their advantages. They allow users to customize and control variables such as noise and speed. There are three common types of new garage door openers from which you can choose and each has its own advantages.

Screw drive garage door openers

These are mechanical openers which require a trolley to ride on the threaded-steel rod. This type of opener does not require a lot of pulling and pushing efforts. They are simple and most preferred by those people who want less moving parts to maintain. 

Chain drive garage door openers

These are very classic, oldest and most commonly used openers. These units ride on a bicycle-like chain to push the trolley which is connected to the J-arm and attached to the garage door. These openers are very popular especially for detached garages because of their design that cause vibrations and little metal to metal noise when in motion.

Belt drive garage door openers

This is the most luxurious because of its sleekness and low level of noise. Instead of using chains like other openers, belt drive units use belts thereby eliminating the vibrations and noises. These belts are made from polyurethane and fiberglass. 

The following are very important factors to consider when purchasing garage door openers

Safety & Security

The safety of the users should be a priority when purchasing any garage door opener. Most garage doors are very heavy and can easily cause major injuries which can even cause death. Therefore, it is very important to ensure your chosen door opener has safety features. For instances, it should have the ability to reverse once it detects an object blocking the door. Also, your door can have motion sensor feature to detect an animal moving in or out of the garage while the door is closing. 

Security features are equally important for any garage door. These doors does not only protect and secure vehicles in the garage but also offers indirect access to your home.


Classic and luxurious doors do not require a lot of effort to pull or push them when closing the door. Some garage doors are easy to be operated because they come with unique devices such as keyless entry or multiple remotes. Most garage door openers use keyless entry pad which mounts the door garage so you can access the garage without necessary using the remote. Although, remotes are considered in most cases, there are some situations you may need to get into the garage but you do not have it, this makes this feature very important.

A garage door opener should have two lights, one in front and the other one behind. This light should be enough especially at night to light the garage area after the end of daily activities. However, the light should not be on the whole night. The lights should be programmed in a way that they go off automatically after some minutes.


Garage door openers have various moving parts which are subjected to wear and tear. A garage door opener that comes with long-term warranty can be the best choice for you. This will give you peace of mind that in case your opener has a defect; it will be taken care of for free. You should ensure that the guarantees of the most sensitive parts such as the chains and the belts are really and most cases, the guarantees are limited and subjected to specific stipulations which vary and well detailed in the manual of the user. The opener should also come with the manual which have a detailed information about the functioning of the opener and the period covered by the warrantee.

Consider Power:

Some garage door openers need electricity to be operational. Therefore, consider accessibility of power before you purchase your door opener. If you can not access power, you better go for manual door openers which only require pulling and pushing. Better still, you can settle on the door opener which has manual emergency release. If the power goes off, this feature will allow manual opening of the garage through pulling and pushing. 

These are the most important factors to consider. However, there are other minor things you should have in mind such as the cost of the door opener.